Installer Bigloo sous Windows
Article mis en ligne le 27 octobre 2004
dernière modification le 18 décembre 2005

par Laurent Bloch

Une nouvelle distribution de Bigloo pour Windows vient de sortir, j’en emprunte l’annonce à l’auteur du portage, Yannis BRES :

Dear Bigloo Windows users,

I’m glad to announce that Bigloo 2.7a (Build 1) for Windows is finally
available at

This alternative distribution of Bigloo is ready to be used and packaged in a standard Windows Installer. In particular, applications generated for the C backend do not depend on the Cygwin C runtime as does the regular Bigloo distribution.

Best regards and happy parens,

Changes from 2.6e build 2 :

Code synchronization with Bigloo 2.7a final

(os-tmp) (and other functions) now correctly expands environment variables
read from the Registry.

Posix thread abstraction layer is now provided by pthreads-win32.

Installer : The Bee is now installable and can be automatically registered into your .emacs file.

Uninstaller : .NET runtime DLLs are now removed from the GAC